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You can post properties on my website for a reasonable fee. I have a Co-op, they pay $200 a month to list unlimited postings on my site.

You can use my team as your back office too. They charge by the hour. Cost about $4. You can fill this out:

Then if you update it like I do-over time they spread the updates out too. If you don’t sell any land that month please let me know and I will refund your $200 for the month and let’s look at the listing. We will see if we’re doing something wrong or if we could improve them somehow. Get them some more coverage and try to keep them moving. If the listings contentiously don’t move then it may be time to part ways. We don’t want a bunch of MLS style listings that don’t give much of any details. LandsOfAmerica and the co-star sites are not covered anymore. We offer our listing service for $200 a month and if nothing sells that month tell us and we will refund you and try again the next month. It’s and others as we can get on there but most of the leads are repeat buyers and or YouTube overflow.

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