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Thank you for your interest in posting your land on! We are looking for great partners who love selling land and taking care of their customers. When you show your land next to our land we both get more shoppers. Its easy to sign up. There is a subscribe button above that asks for your contact info and payment of $250 a month. After signing up there Gillian and or our back office team will contact you. They can post your properties for you and or show you how to post them yourself. If you hire them to post them for you they will bill you at cost. Recently they quoted me about $12 to make a full listing. They bill on an hourly basis so the more you help them the faster it should go.   

If you didn’t sell any land this month then call me Luke Smith 760-274-7711. Lets refund you the last month for not selling and lets look at your listings. Maybe there are ways we can improve them? Price, promotion, reach, presentation are a couple things that come to mind.

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If you want to sign up directly with Gillian for all kinds of land dealer back office support please fill out her form here:


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