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What if you could go back five years and teach yourself what you know now? What would that be worth to you? What would that knowledge be worth to you in your business?

If your business is land dealing and or you want to be in the land trade you have come to the right place. I have bought and sold over 1500 vacant properties since I started trading land. We could talk all week about the profitable ones. It’s the ones that went astray that we need to talk about. I learned a lot of lessons along the way that cost a lot of money and time. I am sure there will be many more to learn too but I would love to help you avoid the ones I have made.

This offer is only open to a handful of highly motivated people. You will get the most benefit out of this advisory service if you have studied and believe in the teaching of as well as be subscribed to their data services.

It would be my pleasure to work with you one on one to customize your marketing campaigns. I would love to be involved in picking what and where to target as well as pricing. The process of landing and vetting the deals. Financing the deals and selling the deals.

We will go full circle on the deals and I will be encouraging you to chase bigger higher quality prizes all along the way.

You could learn this whole business from the training, my youtube channel, without paying me. If you want to do it on your own that is very understandable. If you are looking to take some massive freaking action and kick your business into a white knuckle, eyebrow swiping growth path give me a try.

Money back guarantee. Statistics say that 90% of the people who buy educational materials don’t really use them or follow them and hence don’t make money off of them. I’m looking for the top 10% who do. I want to work with you. I want to guide you into being a partner of mine for a very long time. I want to learn your ethics early on and know who I should be working with. I’m charging a lot for this service on purpose. I plan to raise the price and or limit new clients according to my availability. After subscribing if you don’t feel the monthly fee is worth it to you please tell me within 30 days of the charge and I will refund the most recent charge.

I can’t wait to get started working with you. Expect a call from me upon signing up.
Thank You
Luke Smith

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