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CALIFORNIA / Amador County

$ 24,888

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$ 24,888
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CALIFORNIA / Amador County
1.68 acres

Drive up and admire this 1.68 acres property in Amador County, California. Easy access to paved roads that will take you to town and the power’s in the area already and the water access is through water catchment, a well or through delivery. These are the best to expect in this amazing state. In just 6 minutes drive you can reach Pine Grove, where you can find restaurants, grocery stores, and church and many other cities are accessible in the area too. Expect a life that is more civilized, urbanized and just simply easier.

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Asking Price: $24,888
Size: 1.68 acres
APN: 038-650-020-000
State: California
County: Amador
General Elevation: 2,552 ft.
GPS: 38.403312,-120.632619
GPS Coordinates:
38.4036879553623,-120.63232714025 ;38.4038754287468,-120.632294311583 ;38.4032812447101,-120.633263360665 ;38.402838791037,-120.632989801306 ;38.4033505905851,-120.631798770616 ;38.403352037254,-120.631808174113 ;38.4033523118517,-120.631816598181 ;38.403352626056,-120.631825019201 ;38.4033529977874,-120.631833428816 ;38.4033534632342,-120.631841915641 ;38.4033544197926,-120.631850256818 ;38.4033554474442,-120.631858590909 ;38.4033565461075,-120.631866911048 ;38.4033577130667,-120.63187521614 ;38.4033589491953,-120.63188350388 ;38.4033610100458,-120.631894784841 ;38.4033630292533,-120.631903919766 ;38.4033648973856,-120.631912014509 ;38.4033668346062,-120.63192008503 ;38.4033688399463,-120.631928125625 ;38.4033709097759,-120.631936134071 ;38.4033744182133,-120.631946858361 ;38.4033773813397,-120.631955587084 ;38.4033800729042,-120.631963296248 ;38.4033828074343,-120.63197098169 ;38.4033854352804,-120.631978255838 ;38.4035581821826,-120.632261786857 ;38.4035658694723,-120.632270467618 ;38.4035734517553,-120.632278422182 ;38.4035798794034,-120.632284663042 ;38.4035878905637,-120.632291249169 ;38.4035978634674,-120.63229869773 ;38.4036062875191,-120.632304315323 ;38.403615236643,-120.632309231306 ;38.4036236233879,-120.632313372589 ;38.4036299832512,-120.632316248507 ;38.4036391476977,-120.632319489847 ;38.4036504287249,-120.632322745663 ;38.4036598165941,-120.632324920187 ;38.4036678612612,-120.632325967406 ;38.4036776743924,-120.632326772414 ;38.4036879553623,-120.63232714025
Legal Description: 008S007 LOT 21 PONDEROSA RIDGE #3
Zoning: PD
Power: Near in the area
Water: By Alternative System
Sewer: By Alternative System
Roads: Dirt
Property Tax: $473.38
Time Limit to Build: None
Closing/Doc. Fees: None

About the Seller: I am Luke Smith. I review thousands of properties for every one that I buy in order to bring you the BEST deal possible. The pricing I get them at is reflected in the pricing of what I am selling them for. They are priced at half the current market price or less TO SELL (and not be listed for years). Because of their price they don’t usually stay for sale for very long. The first one to go to pay for it gets it. There is a checkout button on my site. If you would like to pay another way please let me know andI will help set it up. If you are interested in one of my properties please Google your questions and or check out the FAQ section here on my website. I have never been to this property. Everything I know about the property is here on my website.

Luke Smith

1106 2nd St #851
Encinitas CA, 92024

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