2.73 Acres – RV OK! In Forbes Park, Costilla County CO

Costilla County / COLORADO

$15,999 Cash or $1,599 Down Owner Finance

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$15,999 Cash or $1,599 Down Owner Finance
Cash Sale
Costilla County / COLORADO
2.73 acres

You look over at your son. He’s got the most determined look on his face – his eyebrows are all scrunched together, and he’s biting his bottom lip. You try not to laugh because it would hurt his feelings. He’s trying to build the campfire on his own for the first time. Normally you would help him out, help him lay out the wood, spread the kindling, and us the firestarters. But he stubbornly wanted to do it on his own.

He’s got it in his head that using the firestarter is cheating, so he’s trying to spark the kindling with flint and your pocket knife. You’re proud of him. It’s a great skill, to know how to start a fire.

Now he’s on his hands and knees, gently blowing his sparks across the kindling. Your son looks up with a proud and happy face, and looks right in your direction. You smile and give him a nod, and walk over to the fire to congratulate him.

Discounted Cash Price: $15,999 + $249 Documentation Fee

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Parcel Number: 70132470
Street Address: Lot 3315 Grojean Dr, Fort Garland CO 81133
Size: 2.73 Acres
Legal Description: Lot 3315 of Block 203 of Forbes Park, Unit N-2
Terrain: Steep slope
Zoning: Residential
Power: Would be Alternate Source (Solar or Generator)
Water: Would be well
Septic: Septic can be installed
Access: Gravel Road
Annual Taxes: $88
Dimensions (Feet): 671 x 472 x 425
HOA: Forbes Park Land Owners Association, Annual dues $275
Google GPS Coordinates: NW: 37.411275, -105.142128 ; NE: 37.412347, -105.141530 ; SW: 37.411686, -105.140165 ; SE: 37.411850, -105.140036

“Professional and no problems that you would usually encounter purchasing land. I checked the land to the state and county parcels and all was in order. The method Compass Land uses to secure payment and documents so that you have no fear of being done wrong is outstanding and I wish more businesses would use these standards.”
– David Reynolds

About Compass Land USA: Hello from Andrew and Felicia! We started Compass Land USA to help you easily and safely buy land. We believe everyone should be able to buy land, and that’s why we don’t do credit checks or charge interest – everyone is approved for owner financed land. When you buy from us, you are buying directly from the owners of this property. No middleman, easier for you and keeps our prices low!

Felicia and Andrew Gaasenbeek

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