1.03 Acres – With Mountain Views! In Forbes Park, Costilla County CO

Costilla County / COLORADO

$6,999 Cash or $349 Down Owner Finance

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$6,999 Cash or $349 Down Owner Finance
Cash Sale
Costilla County / COLORADO
1.03 acres

The way you see it, a man’s legacy is defined by what he’s left behind to others. You want to leave your family with a great legacy. And you can think of no better way to do that than with land.

You bought this Colorado property as a legacy for your grandson. You wanted something small and affordable, so you could walk him through the purchasing process, treat it as a learning experience. It was so great to drive out through the countryside with him, put your boots on the ground, check out the property.

You think it sparked a real interest in real estate for him – definitely a valuable experience. He doesn’t know it yet, but when all is said and done the deed will be in his name, a gift from you to him. Something he can build wealth on – a legacy.

Discounted Cash Price: $6,999 + $249 Documentation Fee

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$1,399 down + $249 Documentation Fee, $429/month for 16 months


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Parcel Number: 70104810
Street Address: Lot 576 Emory Loop, Fort Garland CO 81133
Size: 1.03 Acres
Legal Description: Lot 576 of Block 28 of Forbes Park, Unit C-1
Terrain: Steep slope
Power: Would be alternate sources (Solar-Generator)
Water: Would be well
Septic: Septic can be installed
Access: Gravel Road
Annual Taxes: $106
Google GPS Coordinates: NW: 37.508397, -105.222210 ; NE: 37.508565, -105.221727 ; SW: 37.507741, -105.221628 ; SE: 37.508005, -105.221086

105% 90-Day Money Back Guarantee on Every Property

“Professional and no problems that you would usually encounter purchasing land. I checked the land to the state and county parcels and all was in order. The method Compass Land uses to secure payment and documents so that you have no fear of being done wrong is outstanding and I wish more businesses would use these standards.”
– David Reynolds

About Compass Land USA: Hello from Andrew and Felicia! We started Compass Land USA to help you easily and safely buy land. We believe everyone should be able to buy land, and that’s why we don’t do credit checks or charge interest – everyone is approved for owner financed land. When you buy from us, you are buying directly from the owners of this property. No middleman, easier for you and keeps our prices low!

Felicia and Andrew Gaasenbeek

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[SOLD] 0.37 Acre Lot in Hamilton County, FL

$ 3,500 or Owner Finance: $800 down $150/month for 30 months

  • Baths-
  • Beds-
  • Area0.37 acres
  • BathsArray
  • BedsArray
  • Area0.2 acres
  • Baths-
  • Beds-
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