While reading a marketing book titled “Launch” by Jeff Walker that my sister gave me I took his advice and sold something before I made it. I sold mailers. Was doing a live YouTube show and offered the viewers an opportunity to partner with me. The idea is that the riskiest part of land dealing is the mailers to get the deals. The mail costs a lot and you don’t know if you will get any deals at all. You might get one really good one you might get a bunch of them. I did not think anyone would take me up on it. I asked for a pay of 15% and open it back up. I asked for a minimum of 1500 to get some statistics going in their favor of actually getting a deal.
Since I did not think anyone would sign up I offered 50% of the profits I would have gotten out of the deals that came from those mailers. That is after the cost of things like pictures and other due diligence as well as financing.

I put a checkout link in the video so people could buy some mailers if they wanted to try it out.

Money started pouring in.

It did not take very long to figure out this was not sustainable. Before I knew it there was more money to do mailers than I had put into mailers since I started sending out mailers.

In my naivety, I figured I would just send more mail and it would all work out.

More deals came in than I could keep track of. More due diligence needed to be done than the clock had time.

Lots of cherry-picking happened and I started using others’ money to finance the deals. As they sold it became clear the $ spreads I was asking for were not enough while sharing the deal with finance guys and mailer partners.

Everyone involved wanted updates all the time. They should get them and their mailers should be well-used. I needed a better solution. More people or more technology or both as well as better paying deals.

Implemented a business management software solution so that now all the mailers and their results are shared with everyone involved with the deal in real time.

Started to partner with local real estate agents and other professionals to help get more accurate on buying properties and offer higher service on selling them as well.

Incorporated more people to help answer the phones and keep up on the logistics of closing these deals.

Increased the capacity to mail out offers and land deals on all fronts. Now it’s not just me anymore it’s we and we are mailing out more cash offers all the time.

It has been one heck of a learning curve. Some of the people who bought the mailers did not have the patience and wanted a refund for their mailers. That turned out well for me as some of their mailers eventually paid out a lot better than the refunds. Have been sending out distributions as the good deals eventually went full circle.

It pains me that some of the mailer buyers have not gone full circle on at least one deal yet. They still have some more mail going out that may do it. There are a bunch of current deals under due diligence that may do it for them. I will send out some extra mail attributed to them if their deals all fizzle out.

Now we are back open for business on the front of the mailer. We are taking orders for future mailers to be mailed after the current mailer partners’ mail goes out.

Here is how it works this time:
If you would like to actively partner with us on mailers please pick out a preferred future mailer topic from the description list below along with its prescribed payout structure. Or go generic and let us choose whatever we think is the best to mail cash offers on.

We expect you to stay involved as this is not a passive investment its a partnership. You will get updates all along the way of whatever the people getting our offers reply. Please chime in if you are looking the properties up and finding anything out about them good or bad. Please chime in if you would like to finance part or all of them.

Mail a check, cashiers check, or money order payable to:
Petobego LLC
1106 2nd St #851
Encinitas CA 92024

We are not accepting credit card transactions as this is not covered in the card processors’ terms of service.

On your check or included with it please provide your:
Name – You and or your company
Address – We will try to get the title to send you checks but sometimes they end up coming from us
Phone Number – so we can call you
Email – where the automated updates will go
Finance – Do you want to participate in the finance side of your deals and or other deals
1099 info – Most all these payouts are over the 1099 criteria so we will 1099 you on them if we can’t get the title companies to do it. To file 1099’s on your payouts we need your EIN or TIN as well as the name and address to put on there as well.
Experience – Please let us know how you heard about us as well as your experience in land dealing and what kind of education you have like or one of the other guru’s programs.

You do not have to finance your deals we can do that too.

Commercial Vacant Land priced off national comps and incorporating traffic data. 25% payout of profits after all direct costs including financing, realtor, title, pictures, architect, county reports, perc test, environmental reports, easements, access modifications, trash removal, etc. – $1500 min Purchase

If you have the nerve to try one or many of these mailers out I am proud to be working with you. Thank you for all your positive support and patience as we polish off round one and get round two of the mailers flying!
Luke Smith
Feel free to call with questions.

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