Do you own any other property in the area or right next door?

Please check out the map search feature here to see if other property in the ares is available too

May I resell your properties?

Yes please do, hopefully you can sell them for a lot more and come back to do it again. Let me know if you need help with the paperwork.

May I use multiple credit cards to buy land?

Sure, there is a link at the top of the website titled Pay Here. Go there and enter the APN number of the land you are buying. Enter how much you want to put on the card and do it again for each card until you have paid for the property.

May I pay part on a card and send you cash for the rest.

Sure, go to the Pay Here link at the top of the page and pay however much you want to put on your card. Mail the rest to me.

My friends and I want to buy the land can we use different cards to pay our respective parts.

Yes, use the Pay Here link at the top of the page to check out. Do a different check out for each card to total up to the amount of the total purchase.

How should I title the property?

There are all kinds of ways to own a property.


How do I use your property?

The uses are only limited by your imagination and the local regulations.


Check this earthship build out on Youtube. The guy builds a really nice looking, very functional house out of basic supplies and walks you through it step by step.


Off Grid Build Earthship Channel

This guy is fun to watch. He builds a small house with a passion and shares lots of how to with you.

The Samurai Carpenter

This guy builds small houses, cabins and other weird structures you could live in. He likes to use a lot of recycled and or free materials. He also takes you on tours of lots of other DIY homes that might inspire you.


This guy is in New Zealand and takes you on tours of creative homes built on tight budgets.

Living Big in a Tiny house

This Alaskan lady builds all kinds of stuff. They just built a small house that is inspiring to me.

Ana White

Please tell me about your YouTube channel I would love to watch then feature it here too.

Learn how to grow all your own vegetables




How and why did you get into the land business?

Did a little interview on that topic you can listen to or read here.

In short, land can be a beautiful tool that when used right can help people escape oversized mortgages and the enslavement servicing them can entail.

Do you have any land for me that fits this specific criteria?

Please browse my website to see what I own. You are going to know best what you want and what might work for you.

A friend and neighbor of mine has a lot of land for sale that might fit what you are looking for. His listings in LandWatch.com are here.


Is APN the same as a Parcel Number?

Yes, APN stands for Assessor’s Parcel Number or more commonly referred to as the parcel number.

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