Can I live in my tiny home or RV on the property?

Is there water at this property?

What can I grow on this property?

You can grow what you set your mind to. This guy for example added a couple feet of wood chips to his desert lot. The wood chips soak up the moisture and retain it a lot better then the local ground. He planted a plethora of exotic fruit trees and all kinds of vegetables making a aquaculture and an aquaculture garden he can gather food in daily.

This guy has the most popular gardening channel on YouTube. He loves adding compost, worm castings and rock dust to grow all kinds of food in many different locations. He is very video friendly and has hundreds of videos on the topic as well as garden tours of how lots of other people are doing it too.

Can I drill my own water well?

Sure, these guys give you some clues:

I like the percussion version the best. One of the guys who bought some land here welded a rod to the outer rim of his tractor tire. He built a frame over the well with a pulley on it and ran a cable back to the rod on the tractor wheel. While his tractor was on blocks and the wheel was spinning it pulled the cable up and and down the hole. That motion of the spinning wheel ran the hammering action that drilled the well.

May I build a house of out earth and bottles?

Sure, here is a simple cheap way to do it:

Please google the county planning and zoning and give them the APN number of the land you like to check the zoning.

Can I mail in payments for terms?

No, because I can’t keep track of them. You have to use my online system and pay via debit or credit card.

Where is the property located?

There are GPS coordinates for every listing posted in the listing. Click them to see a map with directions.

Is there water available?

Consider bulk potable water delivery before paying 10k to maybe even over 30K to drill a well. An old looking website that has a list of delivery guys is BulkWaterDilivery.com call different ones in the area for a quote they may even help you get a tank. It is a lot cheaper than most people think. Use your money to build and then when everything is paid off consider putting in a well.

If I am not in the United States may I still buy land from you?

Yes, American land can be bought by anyone who is not subject to American trade restrictions like citizens of North Korea, Myanmar, Cuba and a handful of other countries.

Do I need a real estate agent or attorney to buy or sell land?

No but they sure do a lot of marketing to make you think so. Real estate agents tend to market land for what it might be worth if the right buyer comes along some day. We market land for a quick sale excluding their fees to get the end user the best price.

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